Marc-André has been working in information technology and management since 1983. Currently, at Desjardins, he is in charge of the Security Academy, also working on security competency and talent management. At Concordia University he teaches IT and cybersecurity in the BCom and MBA programs. Marc-André has a long track record that includes coding, LAN & WAN network management, project management and cybersecurity in various sectors such as Defence, Government, Finance, Health and Education in France, the United States and several Canadian provinces.

He has managed technical teams, programmers and support staff. Since 1987, Marc-André has specialized in information security, risk management and IT governance. He founded a Fab Lab and a MakerSpace. In the past, he was the curator of the Quebec computer history museum from 2009 to 2015.

He holds many graduate degrees, including a Masters in MIS, an MBA and an Executive MBA. He is completing a PhD in Sciences and IT.